Children Wing Chun

  Our children program has been developed for the need to keep them safe and educated whilst having fun. Working through our program to build confidence and self esteem whilst delivering the important life skills to help them grow into young adults.

  Wing Chun International's aim is to provide full time martial arts education for your children from the age of 4 and taking them through our black belt and leadership courses, therefore developing them into young instructors; your child is respectful, confident, and willing to succeed in the future.


Basic course  

  Wing Chun International children basic course is as it states, it's a basic method for new students to try our classes and introduce themselves to Martial Arts.

  It gives the parents an opportunity to see how the children are when they first start and that the children are going to show commitment to there classes and training, As with all of our courses there is no pressure or obligation to carry on however we understand that parents like to test the water first. The basic course is for this purpose only and was never put in place to give the children the understanding that this is what Martial Arts is about.

  The classes will be slow paced and kept to a minimum with the material that is covered so not to overload the new children with to much information, it is just enough to help the new student get started and see if setting the goal for there black belt is something that they wish to do, the following grading material is by no means a fixed curriculum to be stuck to, it is a guide for you only and the instructor has flexibility to change this if he/she feels its appropriate.


Black belt course 

  Our black belt training course is designed to set the children the goal of his/her black belt grade, this can be set from the start of his/her journey and in Martial Arts is the recommended method.

  We simply have the basic course to allow students to try Martial Arts/Wing Chun before setting the goal of learning the complete Wing Chun system. With in the 12 student grades you will see your children develop so much as young adults and a great peer for other children.

  We focus on building great role models with in the community and our children on their journey to becoming a black belt are leading the way.


 Leadership course 

  The Wing Chun International leadership training course is focused on creating our next generation of young leaders within the communities. These are our instructors of the future! This course is designed and well written to create future leaders and peers to the other students and our leadership training is for all children wishing to develop their leadership, management and business skills and to put these all into practise through the Martial Arts training.

  The basic course and black belt course allow the students to develop there Martial Arts abilities and improve on the physical elements of the Wing Chun system. The leadership course does not substitute this but further adds to the students knowledge base and personal development and runs along side there black belt classes.

  We focus on building great role models with in the community and our children on their journey to becoming a black belt are leading the way.

  At Wing Chun International we develop your child from the inside out through our award winning Bully Proof Programme.



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